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To translate your query into a real product into a promising concept. To develop your idea into a practical product.

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Good news

Working from home works at WeLLDesign

Luckily, WeLLDesign supported working from home and flexible working hours already before the corona crisis.

ChatKot visitor house for a social distancing society

The ChatKot visitor house for a social distancing society. Because such a society… …seems to be here for a while. We want our loved ones close to us, see in real life, see each other in the eyes and then…

Nominations Rabobank Innovation Challenge 2020 published

On January the 31st, the jury has announced the 15 nominees for the Rabobank Innovation Challenge 2020.

Invitation workshop “first mile sustainability”

Casual or formal? Go to work by bicycle or still rather take the car? Do you recognize this dilemma? What is a suitable solution for you?

WeLL Workshop

Get acquainted with our approach through an interactive workshop for (co-)creation of ideas, strategic design, a pressure cooker to react to an immediate challenge or a kick-off of a research and development project. An interactive workshop is the most efficient and effective way to get in line with all stakeholders and to make a flying start.

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