Industrial Design

Well-designed products dilever a lasting brand experience.

A well designed product leads to a continuous brand experience. An appealing design is a condition for success. Starting points for design are the brand values of a business,

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Mechanical Design

If and when mechanics play a role in the correct and smooth operation of a product a smart mechanical principle is a crucial part of new product concept.


Sometimes the product development starts here, because the correct mechanical solution is a condition for proceeding.


In order to find the perfect solution we develop your idea of product concept into a Proof of Principle (POP) of Proof of Concept (POC), also known as Minimal Viable Product (MVP). A POP illustrates the working mechanical principle.




Most patentable innovations are born in this mechanical design phase. Together with an Industrial Design a ‘New category’ or ‘Rule breaker’ product can thus be created.

Userinterface Design

Nowadays products are often connected to digital media (‘Internet of Things’). Successful market introduction is increasingly dependent on total customer experience!


The userinterface is an important factor of this customer experience. Therefore a good Graphic User Interface (GUI) is essential for success. Only then the product image and experience will be in line with the chosen marketing strategy and design language.


In close collaboration with software experts WeLL Design develops flowcharts, interfaces and websites. We have designed interfaces for medical devices, fitness gear and coffee machines.


The right GUI delivers a pleasant, smooth interaction between product and user, prevents incorrect use and matches the corporate identity as far as design is concerned. Together with your software developers or those from our own network WeLL Design can realise a perfect GUI for your products.