Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a method that combines creativity with analytical thinking.This allows complex issues to be approached in an all-encompassing way. We do this from the points of view from the perspectives of business, human nature and technology,

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Idea Creation

Together with you, Well Design generates ideas and inspiration. Our team employs methods based on intuitive association and systematic reasoning. Think of Brainstorming, Braindrawing and Morphology. This diverging process leads to totally new and unexpected ideas and directions for development. For instance Morphology allows us to envisage new combinations of existing solutions.


The criteria for selection are drawn up by our team. The converging process that follows leads to selecting promising ideas, together with you. We enrich those ideas by solving issues and through Story Telling.

The results comprise the start of a Program of Demands and Wishes.


WeLL Design facilitates this process and actively adds ideas on the basis her knowledge of, and experience in the various markets, technologies and trends. We allow cross-over innovation to thrive, and ….. we love to challenge the now!


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The users are the experts! Experts in their experiences and dreams. WeLL Design translates those dreams into innovative concepts and valuable business, employing creative thinking and market research. In this way we gain deep insight in the experience and the motivation of customers, users and stakeholders.


Contextmapping,, Personae, Customer Journey Maps, visualisations and Story Telling yield insight into the present and the intended situation, open up discussions and contribute new ideas for processes and products. Our Motivation? To realize more relevant solutions for you.


Added value of Co-Creation:

  • Quicker match with the desires and wishes of your target audience
  • New opportunities for valuable business
  • A strong, widely valued and future-directed vision
  • A strong market introduction, because co-creation invites the target audiences to become ambassadors for renewal.

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