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Invitation workshop “first mile sustainability”

Casual or formal? Go to work by bicycle or still rather take the car? Do you recognize this dilemma? What is a suitable solution for you?

WeLLDesign has moved

As of November 1st WeLLDesign is located at the Energy Solution Incubator (ESI).

GIO recognitions for WeLLDesign

WeLLDesign received two GIO Recognitions

Sustainable second life for the mines of Limburg

The mines in Southern Limburg were abandoned for decades.

Decentralized installation to prevent energy dissipation

Most residences have a centralized heating with a central-heating boiler, piping and radiators. This causes unnecessary high energy usage and its resulting emissions. A decentralized unit can largely decrease this wastage and air pollution, says Bart Vlaar of Tegnis.  Tegnis…

WeLL40 | Fifty years Industrial Design Engineering TU-Delft

In 1969 the discipline of Industrial Design Engineering started at the Delft University of Technology. It was the same year that Mathijs van Dijk and Arthur O. Eger – founders of WeLLDesign (up to 1996 Van Dijk, Eger, Associates) –…

The Energy Solution Incubator

A part of Centrale Lage Weide is being transformed into an Energy Solution Incubator. This authentic location in Utrecht offers both space and atmosphere. Rightly so it is industrial heritage. Elements that trigger WeLLDesign in the search for a possible…

Opening CityHub Utrecht

Friday teh 12th of April, CityHub Utrecht located at Atoomweg 1 was officially opened. Rinse van der Woude – Chief Innovation Officer of CityHub had asked Mathijs van Dijk – CEO WeLLDesign – to adorn this opening with a lecture….

From flooded coal mine to circular district heating

Now that gas usage needs to be decreased, new innovative energy sources are needed to provide homes, offices and other buildings with warmth. One of those new energy sources is the circular district heating of Minewater. What started as a…

WeLL 40 | Yellow emergency telephone disappears, cross-over step stays

If you ever used one of the yellow emergency telephones in teh past 30 years in The Netherlands, is familiar with the cross-over step of Rijkswaterstaat: the yellow supports that can be used to easily step over the guarding rail….

Field Test Production

For a field test of two types of dispensers, the designers of WeLLDesign are occupied with assembling two series of ten product prototypes. With this field test we will research both the appreciation of the market and the findings of…

WeLL 40 | The first tablet computer

Already in 2000 the design team of WeLLDesign in Taiwan developed the Qbe: the first fully-fledged tablet computer in the world. Aqcess, an American based company, asked for a portable PC for doctors, insurance agents, warehouse and drilling platform workers….