Corona proof ChatKot in the financial newspaper

Industrial designer Bram van der Veen tells about the coronaproof ChatKot.

ChatKot, field test, spreekhuisje, meeting house
The ChatKot Model A in the parking lot of medical institution Heel Europa in Purmerend

Bram van der Veen, industrial designer at WeLLDesign, immediately saw points of improvement for a corona proof visiting house discussed in a news item: a fully equipped house is hard to clean, which limits the possible usage. Besides that, the cost price could be much lower and placement and relocation could be much less time consuming.

As a team, WeLLDesign went on to elaborate on Bram’s idea. The main goal was to make sure every member of society could participate in society again, taking the corona measures into account.

This resulted in four models for a corona proof visiting house, model C, H, A and T. Each model has its own unique properties to adapt to any given situation and location. For various situation and locations: healthcare, education, restaurants, or just temporary placement to be used as a visiting house for congratulating someone or for condolences.

Corona proof ChatKot in Heel Europa healthcare insitution
The transparent partition in the ChatKot Model A still facilitates intimate contact with and a full image of the conversation partner.

The ChatKot was born: a visiting houde that meets with the needs of potential users and those of the one and a half meter society. The corona proof ChatKot – yes, also the name is designed – has many advantages over other existing solutions. Its strong yet light honeycomb material is easy to transport, hygienic, resistant to outdoor environments, light translucent and above all recyclable.

Recyclebility is important.Especially for the time after corona. Even though the ChatKot also then maintains its value. ‘Although I have my hopes elsewhere, I believe that the fear of this decease remains for quite some time’, says Van der Veen.

Read here the interview with Bram van der Veen in the Dutch financial newspaper. Only in Dutch.