Design Competition: Agricultural Solar Systems

innovative solutions for combining food production and solar current

Renewable Energy

Agricultural entrepreneurs contribute significantly to the production of renewable energy in our country. With solar panels, windmills, manure and geothermal heat, the agricultural sector is already an important producer of Dutch renewable energy.

Paris Climate Goals

In order to achieve the Paris climate goals, a further contribution from the agricultural sector is expected. Thus, from the solar energy sector, there is much interest in the construction of solar parks on farmland. However, the climate agreement also states that the use of renewable energy should not be at the expense of food production.

Design competion

In the search for innovative solutions for combining food production with the generation of solar currents, WeLLDesign has organized a competition on behalf of, a department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands. Come and see the entries and vote for your favorite Sunday the 8the of November 2017

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