WeLLDesign in RTL Z’s How It’s Done on nov 6th

 For 4 minutes, we are spoiled in RTL's How It's Done.

On saturday afternoon approx 4.30pm November 6th, WeLLDesign is spoiled for four whole minutes in RTL Z’s How It’s Done. Beautiful shot footage shows what we do. What differentiates WeLLDesign from its competitors? What are our strengths? Mathijs van Dijk, CEO WeLLDesign, explains it all guided by supporting and clarifying footage.

RTL Z, Camera in design studio, Film crew
The camera of RTL Z in our own design studio.

In this programme for inspiring entrepreneur stories, entrepreneurs and their business are presented. You as spectator are drawn into the numerous developments, novities and opportunities at the many branches in the entrpreneurial world.

How it’s Done chooses to give attention to the well-known and lesser known (niche) markets so the general public can get aqcuanted with it. The multidisciplinarity, knowledge, experience and never ending drive for succesful business practices is the core of their message. Succesful business is something WeLLDesign practices for over 40 years. It’s most recent examples are ZaaK® and the Multidispenser. both have received a Good Industrial Design recognition.

RTL Z filmed in September at WeLLDesign and we just received the preview. We are very proud on how it turned out!

If you are unable to watch this saturday, don’t you worry. The next monday at 10:30am and thursday 4:30pm this broadcast reruns.

Camera in lab, film crew, RTL Z
The film crew of RTL Z also filmed in our laboratory.