Our contribution to the future

WeLLDesign – The ChatKot

Brings your loved ones closer to you

Mijnwater – Installation shaft

Using warm mine water to heating of fresh air and water

myCuby modular sanitairy system

An innovative Industrial, Flexible and Demountable modular sanitairy system for myCuby

Building innovation

Industrial Building with new materials for a better price performance ratio and circularity

Zehnder – ComfoAir Q

Strategic Design for Zehnder

Renovation or replacing old ones

The metamorphosis of a street

Water Foil Carpet

Low temperture heating carpet

Outfitting products

Innovative home products

Inventum – Hotspot Titanium

A breathtaking design for Inventum

Vitens – Aqua Booster

Translating core values into product design

Zehnder – MX and more

High-quality and environmental friendly plastics for Zehnder