Our contribution to the future

WeLLDesign – The ChatKot

Brings your loved ones closer to you

Building innovation

Industrial Building with new materials for a better price performance ratio and circularity

VolkerWessels – A house in a day

1 house in 1 day and living within 1 week

Elekta – Esteya

Design and development of an elegant approach for skincancer treatment for Esteya

Bergtoys – Kick 360

Outdoor playfun for Bergtoys

Huis van Beleg – Tourmalijn

Experiencing pure organic food

FEI and more loboratory devices

Ergonomic design for Vitrobot

Draeger – Oxylog and more

A breakthrough in usability for Draeger

Ahrend – T.line

In a Pressure Cooker we created a revoltionary 'platform' for the T-line

The first Touch Screen mobile phone

Looking for the right solutions beyond the expectations of the consumer