Our contribution to the future

Evalan – Internet of Things medication container

An intelligent medicine dispenser for Evalan

Eggciting – Eggchef for a one minute egg

Research and Development for a One Minute Egg

SDS – Sparkling Drink Systems

A viberation for SDS Sparkling Drink Systems


Design and Engineering for flowmeters

Dreumex – touch free zeepdispenser

Touch free dosing for Dreumex

Evalan – real-time medication monitoring

Remote monitoring for Evalan

Animo – Optibean and Optivend

Taste experience for Animo

PPG – Histor

Paint experience for Histor; that one solution that makes the difference.

Bevyz – Multidrinksystem

All tastes one device for Bevyz

Inventum – Hotspot Titanium

A breathtaking design for Inventum

Miscea – touch free

Smart hygiene for Miscea


Mass manufacturable componentst for espresso machines