Our contribution to the future

Ascom Telligence 5.0

A new Industrial Design for Ascom's nurse call system

Zehnder – ComfoAir Q

Strategic Design for Zehnder

VolkerWessels – A house in a day

1 house in 1 day and living within 1 week

Elekta – Esteya

Design and development of an elegant approach for skincancer treatment for Esteya

PPG – Histor

Paint experience for Histor; that one solution that makes the difference.

Heineken – David

Hygienic ease of use for Heineken

Draeger – Oxylog and more

A breakthrough in usability for Draeger

Alcatel – SpeedTouch

A Speedtouch for every houshold

Vitens – Aqua Booster

Translating core values into product design

Zehnder – MX and more

High-quality and environmental friendly plastics for Zehnder

Rijkswaterstaat – cross-over step

Safety and ergonomics along the high way

Royal Flora Holland – flower container

Since 1980 the reinvention of the bucket for Royal Flora Holland