Our contribution to the future

Outfitting products

Innovative home products

Inventum – Hotspot Titanium

A breathtaking design for Inventum

Wordline Banksys – Xentissimo and more

Simple and smart archetypes for Worldline Banksys

Crazy Stroopstift and more structural design

From pancakes to tapas to orange juice

Vitens – Aqua Booster

Translating core values into product design

Jacobs Douwe Egberts – Senseo

The foundation for the Senseo Crema


The first tabel top fresh brew coffee machine for Jacobs Douwe Egbert

Zehnder – MX and more

High-quality and environmental friendly plastics for Zehnder

BMA Ergonomics – Axia and more

A timeless and highly distinctive look for BMA Ergonomics

Etap – Medilux and more…

Timeless usability since 1988


The development of the new standard in bicycle setas

Ahrend – T.line

In a Pressure Cooker we created a revoltionary 'platform' for the T-line