Our contribution to the future

Evalan – Internet of Things medication container

An intelligent medicine dispenser for Evalan

Salto Systems – XS Mini electronic access control

Tomorrow's access control design for Salto

Citysurfer – Mygga electric scooter

A simple approach to surf the city

Evalan – real-time medication monitoring

Remote monitoring for Evalan

Bergtoys – Kick 360

Outdoor playfun for Bergtoys

Nedap – Cow Positioning Beacon

Design for small batches for Nedap

RAVO – 5-series redesign

A dynamic design for Ravo

Axa Bike Security – Defender

Concept and design for a new generation of bicycle locks

BMA Ergonomics – Axia and more

A timeless and highly distinctive look for BMA Ergonomics

Hartman – Royal Club

The first polypropylene garden chair