Rox – Cablecar

Design brief

Distributing heavy cables on construction sites is labour intensive and time consuming. Livin Dethier invented the cable reel trolley and asked WeLLDesign to be her partner to transform and technically develop her idea into a well-designed product.

Rox kabelhaspel

Rox installatie

The product

Rox kabelkar

Key requirements were stability, usability, solidity, and production in relative small batches. WeLLDesign realised the cable reel trolley by constantly testing and optimising mock-ups: from proof of principle to a fully functional prototype. Concept development is nothing new for WeLLDesign. The patented, robust reel can (un)roll all cable types and is user-friendly and ergonomic.

Rox kabelkar

WeLLDesign also took care of production outsourcing to China.

The Rox Cable Reel Trolley brings immediate time and cost savings plus better working conditions: first two men were needed to distribute the cables (weighing about 100 kilos), now just one.