Outfitting products

Innovative home products

As an innovation agency and industrial designer WeLLDesign boasts a unique specialisation in developing building products. These products are used in buildings and building systems of which ‘A home in one day’ by VolkerWessels is a leading example.

The ABB HAF meter cupboard designed by WeLLDesign has been installed in many homes in the last 20 years.


The kitchen boiler ERD 10 was also developed 20 years ago for Inventum. The unique aspect of the ERD 10 is that it is constructed of 2 identical halves that allow the costs of moulds to be reduced.


For J.E. Stork-Air (known as Zehnder since 2015) we converted many metal products into better and cheaper plastic products. An example is the CML mechanical ventilation system that was subsequently copied creatively by all other suppliers.


Success leads to imitation! We designed a staircase for Bouwfonds to be installed in homes of the 1930’s.



The Hotspot – Titanium is a successful design for Inventum.


With the Saxo the sliding window has been modernised to do away with draughts, getting stuck and breaking ropes. Welstand accepts Saxo for installation in historic monuments.


myCuby is a revolution in sanitary systems.


WeLLDesign first introduced Ubbink to the attic conservatory idea during a creative session to devise new roof products.

Indoor living with an outdoor feel. The Milano creates wide views and a sea of light. A spacious place to enjoy and feel free. In one day, the Milano changes an attic into a roomy, elegant and comfortable rooftop conservatory.

In collaboration with Ubbink , WeLLDesign realised the design and product development.


The Milano represents an entirely new category of roof products. The techniques and modular assembly make it a fine example of consumer oriented and industrial, flexible and demountable (IFD) construction. The Milano is available with a wide range of accessories, such as lighting and sun blinds.


It was launched at the Millionaire Fair in Amsterdam.


Martin Beijer, former Director of Ubbink, was looking for groundbreaking roof products. During a creative ‘brain drawing’ session at Ubbink, WellDesign came up with the concept of skylight Paris. The skylight is a roof product designed from the interior perspective and has a dual lighting function.

At night, a transparent disc is illuminated by LED edge lighting to create the effect of a full moon shining into the room. The Paris skylight does more than just let in light, it creates a spacious effect and provides atmospheric illumination day and night.


In collaboration with Ubbink, WeLLDesign took on the (mechanical) design and basic engineering.

With its totally unique features, Paris established an entirely new category within the roof products market. Paris was launched at leading Dutch department store chain De Bijenkorf.

Awards: Dutch Design Prize, selected