Evalan – real-time medication monitoring

Remote monitoring for Evalan

Design brief

Evalan technology enables remote medication monitoring in real-time. This helps to improve self-medication behaviour, for example by reminding patients through text messaging.

Evalan Adhaler

Evalan was looking to make this technology universally applicable by use of an inhaler holder. A Quick Market Introduction required realisation of 500 units within 3 months. Due to WeLLDesign’s extended experience in plastic product development and close cooperation with manufacturers in China, we managed to achieve this.

Inhalator met IoT

Product development

WeLLDesign also achieved low investment in moulds resulting in the desired low cost price of a relatively small batch. The first batch was delivered within six weeks. The components were produced by injection moulding using steel dies and multiple cavities.

Evalan Sensemedic adhaler

The product

The Adhaler is suitable for five different aerosol medications, has integrated measurement and communication electronics, and a spring mechanism which adjusts to the dispenser’s height, ensuring impeccable medication registration.

Therapietrouw met IoT

Therapy faith