Animo – Optibean and Optivend

Taste experience for Animo

Design brief

Since 1950, Animo has been offering a wide range of coffee and tea making systems and machines for professional use.

Manufacture of the stainless steel casings of the coffee makers is mostly in Animo’s own hands. A stainless steel casing was one of the product design requirements for the new bean-to-cup Optibean.

The design

WeLLDesign designed a casing with a minimum of plastic parts, so its manufacture was mostly done by Animo itself.

The design is stylish, contemporary and robust. The OptiLight (LED) illumination is one of Optibean’s distinguishing features and a true experience! The colour of the light can be set up entirely according to the user’s wishes.

The design is modern and advanced, with an international touch, fitting the Animo brand’s quality and ambitions. The design appeals to a wider market segment. Optibean sales numbers are considerably higher than was estimated at the start of the project.