Axa Bike Security – Defender

Concept and design for a new generation of bicycle locks

Higher demands

Prompted by industry demand for better design and security, Axa Bike Security  decided to develop a new generation of bicycle locks. In close collaboration with Axa, and under supervision of WellDesign’s project leader, our designers developed the concept and design into a successful product. The resulting Defender ring lock is part of the Defense Line, a system in which multiple locks are operated using a single key.

Afa Defender renderings

A convenient system

The lock complies with the stringent certification criteria imposed by ART, the Dutch national organisation for the prevention of bicycle theft, and is suitable for a child’s first bike to the best racing model. The lock’s modular plastic housing is available in a variety of colour combinations, thus perfectly meeting the needs of the bicycle industry.

Afa Defender lock

Axa Defender lock

Annually, over a million units are now rolling off fully automated production lines in the Netherlands.

Awards: iF Design Award, Fiets Rai Innovatie Award, Dutch Design Award (selected), Volvo Sports Design Award (nominee)

Afa Defender slot