Draeger – Oxylog and more

A breakthrough in usability for Draeger

Design brief

The Dräger Oxylog is a device for ambulance staff to administer oxygen in case of an accident. The previous Oxylog was hard to carry, which hindered fast and easy access to the site. The sharp surfaces and edges were prone to cause injuries to ambulance staff. The project challenge was to make things easier and safer for ambulance staff.

The redesign

WeLLDesign redesigned a lightweight, portable ventilator. Oxylog 1000 and Oxylog 2000 can carry a variety of oxygen cylinders and accessories.


Through its ergonomic design, versatile construction and light weight, the Caddy represents a breakthrough in usability. The well-balanced position on the user’s back ensures easier walking, which saves precious time!

Awards: iF Design Award, German Design Award (nominee)

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