Dreumex – touch free zeepdispenser

Touch free dosing for Dreumex

Design brief

One soap dispenser suitable for all industry types and all hand care, from heavy duty gel to paste – that was the challenging brief to develop the One2clean dispenser.

Product development

WeLLDesign has extended experience in dispensing systems, and did the concept development for the Dreumex One2clean soap dispenser.

Its touch-free operation offers optimal hygiene. In collaboration with electronics designers, a low-energy drive was created. In close consultation with the mould maker, WeLLDesign minutely worked out all plastic and metal parts in 3D CAD (SolidWorks).

The product

The solid dispenser is activated by an infra-red sensor, which is insensitive to external interferences. The dispenser is easy to assemble and has a very powerful pump and special piston that leave no residue. Replacing soap cartridges is straightforward.

The result

With this dispenser, and their wide range of soap and gel, Dreumex has a unique proposition in the market of industrial hand care products.