Elekta – Esteya

Design and development of an elegant approach for skincancer treatment for Esteya


Elekta asked WeLLDesign to come up with a design for the medical device ‘Esteya’, intended for radiation treatment of (non-melanoma) skin cancers by brachytherapy. With Esteya the patient is the focus of attention. Therefore the WeLLDesign team started with an extensive ‘co-creation project’ where medical specialists and patients were closely involved in the development of this medical device.


Strategic design

These interactions resulted in valuable insights for a strategic vision on the design. The vision was developed into a design language that was visualised in a MoodBoard, together with ‘persona’s’.


woordmerk ontwerp

Industrial- and mechanical design

In the mechanical design phase the technical principles are developed and tested through a ‘proof of principle’.

Parallel the industrial design is developed based on the results of the strategic design and in relation with the mechanical design. This combination of industrial- and mechanical design leads to innovative solutions.

Product development

Subsequently WeLLDesign has engineerd the next steps in detail to build and test prototypes.

Proof of Principle


For this medical device WeLLDesign realised a design that offered optimal user-friendliness by testing the prototypes on a regular basis. Esteya fits seemlessly into the modern practice of a GP where patients are supposed to feel at ease.

Prototype ontwerp
Weergegeven het prototype van het Elekta Esteta project.

patient vriendelijk ontwerp

Elekta Esteya
Esteya, a new, elegant approach for high precision skin cancer treatment

User interface design - GUI

We have consistently stuck to this vision in the User Interface Design, the design of the logo, the sales video and other means of communication.  All means of communication fit together seemlessly. Esteya is an elegant technology for the treatment of skin cancer.

User interface design
User interface Elekta Esteya
User Interface Design for Elekta
A new, elegant approach for high precision skin cancer treatment