Mass manufacturable componentst for espresso machines

The beginning

ETNA Coffee Technologies wanted to launch a new line of espresso machines using an existing technical platform. ETNA invited three leading Dutch design companies to do a pitch. WeLLDesign started this project with extensive market research, and developed a clever design strategy. This was the starting point for a range of possible concepts.

A modular technical structure makes it possible to vary with radically different design concepts, which resulted in three new technological solutions. These were plotted against three designs fitting different brands, and then divided in three versions for low-end, mid-end and high-end markets.

Winning concepts

This range of nine different concepts allowed ETNA to approach three different market parties, and won Melitta as their new client.

Strategic Design
Espresso machines

As pitch winner, WeLLDesign was commissioned to further develop the casings of Melitta espresso machines into mass manufacturable components.