Evalan – Internet of Things medication container

An intelligent medicine dispenser for Evalan


Leon Derks of Evalan: “We are very content with the fine and functional design that was created by WeLLDesign for the Internet of Things medication container. After last minute amendments of our wishes we received a redesign within a week which led to an even better product. We are really happy with your rapid alterations and the addition of a spring loaded feature”.

dosing and dispensing

Evalan supports customers in the development, implementation and operation of telemonitoring, M2M- and Internet of Things-systems.

Internet of Things

Patients use this Internet of Things electronic drug dispensing unit. This dispenser relays information about the moments of drug use to a central server. As a result this information supports health care professionals and researchers in obtaining better insight in the drug use of patients. Another advantage is that in the same time patients can be informed by text messages if and when they are likely to forget taking their medicine.

WeLLDesign developed the medication container for Evalan that incorporates the electronics.

Evalan ideation

Remote sensoring


The challenge was to develop a crystal clear and faultless product for the patient. Therefore the mechanism of unscrewing the cap demands a conscious action. An action that consequently insures actual drug use only if and when the vial is opened. In addition this offers an added child-proof safety feature.

The original drug vial of the drug company fits into the medication container, together with the instruction leaflet. The larger size of the vial makes unscrewing the cap much easier for the patient.

doseren en dispensen

The first phase offered a range of solutions to various questions that were presented as concepts in a short period of time.

Astra Zeneca Sensemedic Smart

Realising such quantity on short notice (braindrawing) leads to quality.