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Ergonomic design for Vitrobot

About FEI Company

FEI Company’s Vitrobot is a laboratory specimen preparation unit developed by Maastricht Instruments. The Vitrobot prepares biological samples for use in electron microscopes. FEI Company introduced the Vitrobot to the market in combination with the company’s electron microscopes.


Design brief

With the first generation Vitribots, Maastricht Instruments mainly focused on technical functioning. Now they wanted to perfect the unit’s exterior and asked WeLLDesign to develop an ergonomically excellent design consistent with FEI Company’s visual language. All to be achieved within the limiting conditions of small production runs.




Our motivated team did a User Test of the Vitrobot, translated the ergonomic requirements, and studied FEI Company’s visual language. With this, we developed design concepts, which we used to realise the final design. Taking production numbers into account, it was decided to use vacuum moulds and machined steel plate.

‘The Vitrobot is taking the market by storm,’ Head of IDEE of UM Department Health, Medicine & Life Sciences, Frans Smeets, says with pride.


MuScan: Super fast detection of bacteria, developed by CCM and designed by WeLLDesign.