Design and Engineering for flowmeters

Flow-meters communicate their quality by a good industrial design. September 2016 Rhosonics launched the SDM Slurry Density Meter. The SDM is an instrument which is specifically designed to measure the density of abrasive slurries. One of the most unique features of the SDM is that the density meter uses ultrasonic technology to measure the density in-line and with zero intrusion. The SDM is the next generation non-nuclear density meter and is now available for purchase.

WeLLDesign realised the product design with respect to mechanical contruction.



Krohne asked WeLLDesign to research and do product development of the components of the Altometer. This flowmeter is used in filling lines in the beverage industry.

Critical factors are hygienic sealing, resistance to vibrations, high temperatures and harsh detergents in relation to life span.

Based on these requirements, WeLLDesign conducted the product engineering of the plastic casing for assembly of the PCBs plus the sealing between flowmeter and bottle connection of the filling line.

The design is focused on assembly, convenience of the PCBs and cable-laying. The cable conduction does not affect the flowmeter’s measurement accuracy.

krohne-flowmeters-671-x-451As the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control, Brooks Instrument has been innovating thermal mass flow technology for decades, continually launching new products and enhancing existing systems to unlock new levels of thermal mass flow precision, responsiveness, accuracy and repeatability.

To truly control any process, you must precisely measure what is happening — in the feedline, in the chamber, at every point — then use that information in real time to keep the process precisely on-target and productive.

WeLLDesign is responsible for the product design en de mechanical engineering.


For ASMI WeLL Design developed a mass flow meter with a laminar gas flow.