Heineken – David

Hygienic ease of use for Heineken

Design brief

Heineken wanted to reduce operational costs of a professional draught beer system. The company approached WeLLDesign with the request to develop a maintenance free draught beer system, easy to install and at low cost price.

dosing and dispensing

The tap

WeLLDesign took on this challenge and set up a so-called Pressure Cooker session. An innovative concept was born, fully patented by Heineken.

design strategy

The kegs are stored in the refrigerator under the beer tap and are equipped with a disposable beer line. This makes cleaning of the beer lines unnecessary. The draught beer system is compact, mobile, has a low cost price, and can be installed anywhere.

Heineken David

Beer tapping system



WeLLDesign took responsibility for the Project Management, Concept Development in collaboration with Houston R&D Consultancy, Test Model, Technical Design, Styling,Engineering, Prototype, Risk Management and Production deployment. The system is a worldwide success.