Heras – I Gate

A gate for Heras that communicated 'welcome'


Heras is marketleader in outdoor property security. During the international trade fair ‘Bouwbeurs 2011’ this company introduced an absolute rule breaker: the i-Gate

The process

To let the gate fit with the company Heras, the brand identity was closely looked at. This resulted in a couple of key words. Such as reliable, intelligent, stylish, in the lead… Together with complementing images a moodboard was created to give further meaning to these key words.

Moodboard brand identity

Now that the brand identity was clear, the next step was to develop the design language for the iGate. In the same way as the brand identity another moodboard was created. Timeless, geometric, approachable, neat and corporate were some of the key words used to define the design language.

Moodboard design language

The design

The i-Gate is a cantilevered sliding gate, designed in a revolutionary manner by our team. The design is eye-catching with its soft shape and padding that can be personalised.

The gate also features other integrated functions such as flashing warning lights and rounded edges. The final look and feel can be determined by the architect and client, including the cladding and the colors of RGB LEDs.

The i-Gate turns an otherwise common gate into an attractive business card. We have finally created a gate that does not deter a visitor but welcomes him instead ! This can be realised with a message of choice….. design your own gate !



The i-Gate was developed within a year by the R&D department of Heras and with guidance from, and in collaboration with, engineers from WeLL Design.


Awards: Red Dot Design Award 2011, GIO Award 2011, IF Award 2012