IXL – Nutripulse

Changing our daily lives with e-cooking

Design brief

IXL has developed a revolutionary cooking technique that facilitates super fast preparation of healthy and tasty meals based on natural ingredients. For example, cod can be poached within seconds and meat is stewed in less than a minute.

WeLLDesign was closely involved in this innovative product development, and provided concept, design and engineering of this series-produced product, including prototyping.

The concept

During a creative workshop with IXL, the project’s scope was defined, starting from IXL’sProof of Principle.

The concept was translated into an attractive and innovative design, suitable for professional kitchens: a high-tech small saucepan with compact docking station. During the engineering process, strict hygiene and safety requirements were taken into account.


The complete concept will stir up a revolution in professional kitchens, and eventually make its entry in the consumer market. In 2011, the e-cooker was awarded the prestigious Food Valley Award.


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