Lung function meter – Whistler

Diagnosing infant asthma

Design brief

A lung function meter, named Whistler, capable of diagnosing lung function of infants. Survey results were positive, and the academic hospital began development of a market ready, diagnostic instrument medical specialists and GPs.

WeLLDesign applied its inventiveness, innovative talent and expertise, in collaboration with the hospital and suppliers. Our team took up the challenge and organised a Pressure Cooker session. In a short period of time we came to a commercial, user-friendly and technically viable concept for the lung function meter.

user centered design

Industrial design

Whistler is small, easy to use and wireless. The survey results contributed to excellent user-friendliness. Handling of Whistler may be compared to “bottle feeding a baby”.

WeLLDesign carried out the design, the engineering of casing and occlusion mechanism, and during the follow-up stage, took care of product realisation and commercial and technical feasibility. After a pilot phase with prototypes, Whistler was developed for serial production.