Mijnwater – Installation shaft

Using warm mine water to heating of fresh air and water

Design brief

Mijnwater B.V. supplies a profitable exploitation of heat and cold using mine water. The company elaborates on the development and construction of an innovative infrastructure for mine water distribution throughout the region of Heerlen. The question is how to use this mine water as efficient as possible, to let the residents of appartment buildings use less energy without them needing to change habits or behaviour. Mijnwater asked WeLLDesign to develop an industrial producible product that could accomplish this.

The product

This resulted in a stackable installation shaft. Against the facade of the appartment building pillars are placed. Through these pillas the mine water is pumped. Fresh, outside air is drawn into this shaft, guided along this warm mine water. The warm mine water transfers its warmth to this air, so warm, fresh air is blown into the residence.  The inside air is blown through another pipe out of the appartment. This pipe is located under 90 degrees with the incoming air, making it impossible for “old” inside air to be blown back into the appartment.

Mijnwater's installation shaft by WeLLDesign against a nine story apartment building
Mijnwater’s installation shafts against a nine story apartment building


It makes no difference how many stories the appartment building has. The whole pillar is made out of segments that are easily stackable. These segments are identical to one another and are therefore particularly fit for large series production.

Mijnwater's installation shaft stacked against an apartment building, seen from above.
Mijnwater’s installation shaft stacked against an apartment building, seen from above.

Gio recognition

2019's Gio Recognition tile for the Installation shaft of Mijnwater
Photo of the GIO Recognition tile

WeLLDesign and Mijnwater have received a GIO recognition for the Installation shaft. On saturday October 5th 2019 an independent, professional jury consisting of Jan Siebers (chairman), Zuzanna Skalska and Hans Robertus assessed our Installation shaft and nominated it for Recognition Good Industrial Design 2019.

The Installation shaft of Mijnwater is included in the special exhibition ‘Good Industrial Design Award 2019’ during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.