VolkerWessels – A house in a day

1 house in 1 day and living within 1 week

Design brief

WeLLDesign has been able to apply her vision and knowledge about serial home building in close collaboration with VolkerWessels. This alliance has led to the project called ‘ A house in a day ’ where a house can be built in a day and be occupied within a week.

Product development

It all started with a ‘Thinking platform’ that combines size, shape and equipment to allow variations on the basis of a standard building platform.

WeLLDesign conceived the plans for ‘A house in a day ‘ with the needs and wishes of the future occupant foremost in mind. WeLL designed logistics made it possible to build one house a day as part of a series of row houses. WeLLDesign has developed the details of all building modules with the aid of the Refit software.

remontabel bouwen

In the same philosophy the concept for the ‘myCuby’ bathroom was also generated with VolkerWessels and further developed in alliance with this company.

A new and unique feature in the world of building real estate was that investments could be made that were exceeding project boundaries, which is a crucial aspect for realizing innovation. This meant that we welcomed and embraced a systematic process of product development that made use of 3D-printed scale models and 1-1 prototypes for building and testing.

Nul op de meter

The result

The above approach resulted in our ability to build houses with both a very high efficiency and an equally high quality. Moreover the cost of failure could be reduced to practically zero.

These systems were introduced in 2014. The capacity of production lines was doubled in 2016.

The next step

In her way of thinking WeLL Design has been way ahead of her peers. In the meantime the company has grabbed the initiative to take the next logical step in the business of building. This step is focused on an international approach featuring competitive pricing and a proven circularity, meaning a complete and useful recycling of discarded materials.

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