Nedap – Cow Positioning Beacon

Design for small batches for Nedap

Design brief

Nedap provides a completely new dairy management system. This system includes neck tags worn by the cattle. The neck tags – concept development designed by WeLLDesign – transmit information, including the position of the cattle. At any time, the farmer can easily trace the position of each animal.

For an even more accurate display of positions, Nedap developed the Beacon. This beacon transmits neck tag signals to the farmer’s PC, smartphone or laptop. Nedap asked WeLLDesign to design the Beacon.

Industrial design

In collaboration with the Nedap Agri Team, our team developed a design that perfectly fits the other Agri products, and is therefore easily recognisable in the cow sheds. The design also meets specified cost price, investments and quality demands.

The Beacon is delivered in and designed for small batches: it is a simple open/close mould with two mirror symmetrical housing parts. The installer can install the Beacon quickly and easily. Cables and connectors are neatly concealed.

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