Nedap – Smart tag RealTime Heat Detection

Animal friendly and animal proof smarttags for Nedap

Design brief

Nedap Livestock Management developed a new smart tag: electronics and software for the Nedap dairy management system. Neck tags already had heat detection, but were now also equipped with RealTime positioning. This means the position of each individual animal can be instantly traced on smartphone or tablet. Making the lives of farmers a lot easier!

Internet of Things

Product development

In collaboration with Nedap Agris, WeLLDesign developed the neck tag into a mass product. Product development requirements included animal welfare and longevity in a cow shed environment. The team managed to translate these requirements into a modular product with integratable electronics.

The product

The fibre-reinforced casing makes the tag withstand forces up to 3500N. The yellow bumper ensures durability and visibility, and is easily adaptable to the colours of resellers.

Nedap heat detection

The result

With this new neck tag, Nedap introduces a product that perfectly fits the existing Velos line. Its modular structure provides flexibility. The logistics process remains efficient.