Kazem – Nefera packaging design

Skin aesthetics for Kazem

Design brief

WeLLDesign created the packaging design for the top of the line for their exclusive, high-end skincare collection. Plastic surgeon Dr Farid Kazem developed Nefera, a line of skincare products with a secret and unique ingredient.

The Nefera product line is only available at Skins Cosmetics. Purpose of the backlit display is to generate high attention value. In collaboration with graphic design consultancy Vormers, our team created ingenious high-end packaging, which perfectly links up the 2D and 3D designs.

The design

The product exists of three separate rings, and the backlit display creates a striking on-shelf presence. At purchasing the product, the packaging consists of transparent rings that are connected by invisible power magnets. Each ring contains an applicator with 10 ml of cream. The modular structure allows a variety of volumes and combinations. This design emphasises product exclusivity and gives Dr Kazem a chic product display and packaging in one.

WeLLDesign was responsible for the idea, 3D design, engineering and on-shelf presentation.

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