PPG – Histor

Paint experience for Histor; that one solution that makes the difference.

Design brief

Histor needed groundbreaking new packaging, aimed at consumers and paint experience. To find the best design they organised a pitch. WeLLDesign entered the pitch with an innovative concept and won the assignment.




For the creation of packaging with added value, WeLLDesign began with a painting and decorating session. All aspects involved in painting were included; shelf presence, retail purchase, transport home, opening of the paint can, pouring of the paint and the actual painting itself.

gebruiker centraal

customer journey

The product

This resulted in a totally new vision, materialised in a square plastic paint pot with rounded edges, easy to hold and easy to pour without spills. WeLLDesign developed the concept in close cooperation with PPG and Omefa.

innovatie in verf

The result

In 1886, the patent for the original paint can was registered. 124 years later, in 2010, Histor introduced Paintcan, a revolutionary plastic paint pot with optimal ease of use and strong shelf presence.

De heruitvinding van het verfblik

Histor Paintcan

Awards: Gouden Noot (Golden Nugget packaging award) , GIO Award, Dutch Design Award (finalist)

De Gouden Noot voor de Histor paintcan

Red Dot award for PPG