Salto Systems – XS Mini electronic access control

Tomorrow's access control design for Salto

Salto XS4 Mini – electronic access control deisgned for the global market

Salto asked for a new design with an international apeal for the new systems of electronic access control. After holding a strategic design session with the top management at SALTO’s headquarter near San Sebastian, WeLLDesign developed SALTO’s new design language dedicated to a truly global market. The XS4 Mini is the first product line using the new design identity of SALTO.

The electronic door lock XS4 Mini features a small, discreet size combined with a modern, clean LED aesthetic.

User-centered design

The XS4 Mini’s user centered design has at its foundation countless hours dedicated to studying how users really use access control. Therefore the new LED was developed to make it easier to see door status.

The sleek plastic reader is available in two colours and comes with a wide choice of functional and stylish handles suitable for use on any type of door.

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