Velopa – Articlean and more

An innovative solution for litter

Market position

To strengthen its market position in street furniture, Velopa decided to develop a vandal resistant and easy to clean rubbish bin, and commissioned WeLLDesign for the design.


Design and USP's

Velopa Articlean

Articlean has become an increasingly familiar sight in many municipalities. The development priorities included vandal resistance, fire safety and flexible positioning, which have become Articlean’s unique selling points in addition to easy emptying, optional lid and a choice of colours. Articlean can be emptied either from the top or bottom.



In 2005 WeLLDesign won a contest for coming up with a solution to limit the amounts of litter on the beaches of the posh Dutch city of Bloemendaal (translated as ‘Valley of flowers’).

Nederland Schoon

We came up with the idea of ‘flower valley- flower vase-litter vase’). Our positive, happy design of the ‘Litter vase’ that is also effective in altering people’s behavior and appeared to be persuasive in inviting them to collect beach waste into the available bins.