SDS – Sparkling Drink Systems

A viberation for SDS Sparkling Drink Systems

Single serve

We are proud to announce that we have been selected as preferred Design and Engineering agency by SDS for Single Serve Sparkling Drink Systems. This Game Changing innovative company developed a disruptive carbonation single serve sparkling drinks system. It makes the use of CO2 cylinders obsolete.

Infinite variation

SDS created a user and ecofriendly system for the creation of an infinite number of healthy soft drinks. So beating COKE and KOERIG who have announced a similar cylinder free system to be introduced by the end of next year!

WeLLDesign delivered the first working prototypes of the Single Serve Sparing Drink systems in only 5 months.

The development involved both the capsule and the design and product development of various appliances. Ranging from a small and convenient bottle adaptor to a luxurious electric table top machine.

To meet the short lead time, every possible development tool has been used. Consequently FEM analyses mold flow simulation, fast prototyping and soft tooling.


Thanks to our vast and efficient network every milestone was delivered on time. We were also successful in sourcing a global capsule manufacturer and contract filler.