Spanninga – Brasa

eye catcher for Spanninga

Design brief

Spanninga commissioned WeLLDesign to design the new line of mid-end bicycle lights for the Gazelle brand.

Gazelle provided the broad outlines, which WeLLDesign developed into detailed 3D designs and renderings. Our team also delivered the plastic engineering of the intricate housing. The project was completed in record time, in close collaboration with Spanninga and Gazelle.

The product

A bike rear light that reflects the Light Line Technology (LLT), a new developed technique. Spanninga, known for their innovative bicycle lighting, asked WeLLDesign to come up with a design. LLT uses only one LED and an extra wide light guide, which bends sideways, providing extra side visibility.

The light ensures extra safety for user and environment. Its power consumption is incredibly low compared to other available back lights.

The BRASA has a clearly visible light guide that looks almost as if it is floating, with styling cues borrowed from the car industry. WeLLDesign has made the bicycle back light into a desirable accessory.

The result

Mid en high-end bicycles of brands Gazelle and Sparta come standard with BRASA back lights.

The new product line (LightVision, BeVision en Fenderlight) was presented at the Eurobike 2010 in Friedrichshafen.


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