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SPECSTACULR™ aims at a common problem for people that wear glasses: a limited or obstructed view due to dirty glasses. A fingerprint. A smudge of make up. A bit of skin fat that remains after touching eyebrows. The solution: a cleaning cloth, hot breath and rubbing. The only way to clean your spectacles in such a way that you have a clear and comfortable sight. A way that requires two hands and therefore cannot be performed during drives. Dirty spectacles behind the wheel? Pity.

glasses cleaning


The SPECSTACULR™ spectacle case has the solution to this problem. This  spectacle case cleans your glasses. The user places the spectacles in such a way that the glasses are insulated by little brushes. A single push of a button activates the case. An automated cleaning process is initiated. Without any addition of sprays or other tools. The glasses are dry cleaned.

SpecstaculR™, glasses, cleaning


WeLLDesign was involved from the very first beginning of SPECSTACULR™. Using intuitive (brainstorming i.e.) and systematic (morphology i.e.) ideation techniques with the client, WeLLDesign found a applicable working principle.

SpecstaculR™, prototyping, 3D printing
Different prototyping stages. Each complementing the previous version to test the next piece of the cleaning puzzle

Next, extensive testing was executed to result in an optimal cleaning process. From material to cleaning movement, from pressure to cleaning speed and duration. Different prototypes, or Proof of Principles, testing was done according to a systematic approach. An iterative process to determine variables. This lead to POP 4. A prototype that delivered proof that spectacles of various measurements can be cleaned automatically and repeatedly. Even with such a contamination that will not appear in daily life.

SpecstaculR™ exploded

SPECSTACULR™ in car, center console,
SPECSTACULR™ fits perfectly inside your car’s center console


On January 21st 2021 a Kickstarter project initiated. Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform to determine if a certain project is viable for further development. People that find this interesting can “back this project”. Within the first 3 hours, the first 11 “backers” were a fact.

Are you interested? Back this project! On Kickstarter.

SPECSTACULR™, glasses cleaning, kickstarter
Mockup, SPECSTACULR™ website, kickstarter SPECSTACULR™ website launch