ZaaK garden office

A garden office, for expert and novice

ZaaK garden office, a unique garden office

Efficiency of working from home is high in ZaaK garden office (zaak means case or business in Dutch). The recent societal developments offer opportunities for innovation. In March 2020, the corona virus struck the Netherlands and initiated the largest working from home experiment.

Research shows that the efficiency of working from home is higher compared to working in an office landscape. Digital meetings appear to be more efficient than physical ones. No more commuting means time savings. Employers also see other advantages: savings on travelling costs, higher productivity and lower absence through illness.

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Working from home has become normal and will stay with us for a large part. This requires a suitable solution. To work pleasantly and undisturbed and keep a healthy separation between work and private life.

Tuinkantoor ZaaK vooraanzicht, productontwerp, coronaproof

No commute, still to the office

ZaaK garden office  is designed to go to the office at home. Working from home in your own garden office ZaaK, a place to focus, to peacefully make telephone calls or have digital meetings. Spaciously designed with a vast visual and physical connection with the outdoors. And when closing the door of your ZaaK garden office, you actually come home again.

ZaaK garden office offers a work space that meets the Working Conditions Act, with style and an attractive design: light en spacious. Je distant yourself from everyday house hold chores. ZaaK garden office offers a pleasant and healthy indoor climate, is comfortable and low on energy costs.

The fundamental idea of ZaaK®is a standard compact, yet spacious ‘business partner’. By connecting ZaaK garden office with another ZaaK®, you can easily, and safely, welcome colleagues or clients or work together wit multiple individuals. Coronaproof.

Tuinkantoor ZaaK conceptuele weergave, industrieel ontwerp, coronaproof
Concept art of a joinable ZaaK garden office

ZaaK garden office if also well-suited as an extra sleeping quarters. For instance for non-resident kids or guests. Or as a place to study. Or as playroom or fun outdoor country cottage.


Unique ZaaK® garden office

ZaaK garden office is developed and designed with our effort, knowledge and experience in modern building techniques and in co-creation with potential users.

ZaaK garden office is built out of recyclable sandwich panels with a skin made of aluminium and fiberglass enhanced thermoplastic composite. These sandwich panels combine construction and thermal insulation (from recycled PET bottles) realizing a very simple construction. This limits the number of parts and therefore assembly time.


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One of the sides consists of a glass front. It is completely flat on the outside, with a frame on the inside from minimalistic steal.

By combining three closed walls with a complete glass one, a mix of security and openness was realized: ‘bringing the outside in’. The ascending roof provides a strong, spacious feeling from the inside, and a playful and an expressive shape from the outside.

The back wall is also an ‘installation wall’ where all electrics and electrical connections are integrated.

ZaaK garden office, installation wall, co-creation, sustainability, prefab
The back wall of ZaaK garden office is also an installation wall, where all electrics and electronic connections are integrated.

The result is a low-maintenance and light weight ‘product’ that can be placed on any kind of soil up to muddy meadow. Foundation is not required.

ZaaK® will be placed directly as a completely built 3D-module or transported as a knockdown package to the desired location and within several hours assembled at the site.

ZaaK garden office on the grounds of our location ESI, Co-creation, sustainability
ZaaK garden office on the grounds of our location: Energy Solution Incubator


ZaaK garden office characteristics

  • Strong spacious effect; bringing the outside in’
  • Inside light poplar wood
  • Robust vinyl flooring
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Two double power sockets
  • Complies with Working Conditions Act
  • Space for a large desk (80x 180cm) and more
  • Joinable editions for ‘1,5m-plus’
  • Joinable for executive editions
  • Constant air refreshment and heating
  • Particulate matter removal

These characteristics of the garden office can be seen from different views. The inside view shows the strong spacious effect. The bright poplar wood, dimmable lighting and constant air refreshment and heating offer an office worthy working space.

ZaaK garden office inside view, design agency, engineering, product design
Inside view of ZaaK garden office

Technical data:

  • Outside ca. 2 x 2,6m, inside 1,8  x 2,4m
  • Ceiling height 2,15 – 3,0 m
  • No foundation necessary, suitable for any kind of soil
  • Well-insulated, draught-free
  • Insulating glass with privacy coating
  • Minimalistic steal window frames on the inside
  • Completely flatt outside glass wall
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Fixation with ground anchors, always movable
  • Comes with Plug & Play 230 V
  • Optional: solar panels and cooling
  • Pantry and plumbing optional with joinable versions

The modest measurements make for an excellent office in the garden, without compromising on functionality and workability. The ceiling height, insulating glass with privacy coating and optional solar panels and cooling result in a fully-fledged work spot.

3D view of ZaaK garden office
ZaaK garden office extremely suitable for at home in the garden. Come home after work.

ZaaK garden office comes in a variety of and joinable variants, suitable for any kind of soil. The garden office does not required foundation, is well-insulated and has expandable options for joined possibilities.


ZaaK garden office in single and joined variants, prefab, circular, working from home
ZaaK garden office in single and joined variants, suitable for any kind of soil.


ZaaK garden office?

Visit this website for more information:


WeLLDesign’s vision behind ZaaK garden office

WeLLDesgin is driven by the search for materials and industrial building system to make realizing homes cheaper. ZaaK garden office is the first comfortable garden office that is industrially designed with the newest recyclable materials. It is industrially built and is modular expandable for larger spaces. To work, conference, meet and live in a more corona proof manner. With this modular system, also small and large, affordable houses can be built, provided with industrially realized MyCuby bathroom systems. WeLLDesign takes the next step in innovative industrial construction systems after its innovation of the MorgenWonen concept of VolkerWessels. Which is designed in detail and is still the benchmark for industrial and consumer oriented building.

ZaaK garden office an accredited Good Industrial design (GIO 2020)

On October 6th an independent jury consisting of Jan Siebers, Zuzanna Skalska and Hans Robertus has assessed WeLLDesign’s ZaaK garden office entry for an Accreditation Good Industrial Design 2020! As of that date, WeLLDesign and ZaaK® are entitled to use the GIO 2020 logo.

ZaaK garden office received GIO 2020 accreditation

ZaaK® is implemented in the GIO-exhibition in the virtual edition of the Dutch Design Week: