Zehnder – ComfoAir Q

Strategic Design for Zehnder

New Flagship

Strategic Design as a starting point for the new flagship of Zehnder residential ventilation ComfoAir Q. It achieves the best energy efficiency with the lowest noise in the industry and can be operated via an app.

Strategic Design

Starting with a strategic design workshop, WeLLDesign developed the new design language, which expresses Zehnder’s brand values: Swiss perfectionism, reliability, efficiency, providing comfort and health. ComfoAir Q are the first Zehnder products designed according to this new design language.

Strategic Design

Concept Creation

Various concepts and renderings have been developed and presented on the basis of the moodboard. This method is also the reference for selections to be made. The concept of choice will be elaborated into a 1-1 model.

Concept Creation

Design Guide

The result is called the ‘design guide’.All details that constitute the character of the form are recorded: the radii, the junction of the radii of various large curved surfaces, the transformation from one side to the other, user interface, color, location and size of logos etc.  The design guide forms the foundation of all new Zehnder products.

Design Guide

High-end design

The design of two different units, with vertical and angular connectors, many different pipe diameters and accessories made the design a real challenge. The solution is two different design covers produced in one mold with inlays.

Opening the new transparent door will turn on the display and give access to the filters. Failure messages are displayed conveniently through the door.

The high-end design lets the ComfoAir Q units score the highest notes not only technically, but also visually. ComfoAir Q was presented at this year’s ISH 2015 in Frankfurt.