Zehnder – MX and more

High-quality and environmental friendly plastics for Zehnder

WeLLDesign and Zehnder

Zehnder (previously known as J.E. Stork-Air) has been one of our partners for tens of years. The first collaboration was mainly aimed at product innovation. Existing metal ventilation systems were reinvented to yield much better, more elegant and less expensive plastic systems. WeLLDesign was a leader in the application of 3D CAD software and 3D printing, two requirements for an efficient development.




The MX 10 rooftop ventilator can be found on roofs across all of Europe. This device combines a number of advanced technologies such as direct-current motors and specially developed electronics. Apart from substantial energy savings a large number of operational adjustments can be realised. The air-blowing capacity is up to 5.000 m³/h.


Recently WeLLDesign has dveloped the design language as well as the design for the Zehnder ComfoAir Q.

Zehnder Comfoair Q
iF DESIGN AWARD Zehnder Comfoair Q
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