Our contribution to the future

Bredemeijer en meer

Cheerful design for table ware

Etna – Espresso

Mass manufacturable components for espresso machines

RiZZ – Deurmatten

A seamless transition between indoor and outdoor

Axa Bike Security – Defender

Concept and design for a new generation of bicycle locks

Heineken – David

Hygienic ease of use for Heineken

Draeger – Oxylog and more

A breakthrough in usability for Draeger

Wordline Banksys – Xentissimo and more

Simple and smart archetypes for Worldline Banksys

Alacatel – SpeedTouch

A Speedtouch for every household

Vitens – Aqua Booster

Translating core values into product design

Aqcess – Qbe

An unrivalled portable PC for Aqcess