Our contribution to the future

Bevyz – Multidrinksystem

All tastes one device for Bevyz

Water Foil Carpet

Low temperture heating carpet

Maastricht UMC+ – Scoliozebrace

Design fits the target group

Rox – Kabelkar

Strong ease of use for ROX

Heineken – David

Hygienic ease of use for Heineken

Wordline Banksys – Xentissimo and more

Simple and smart archetypes for Worldline Banksys

Alacatel – SpeedTouch

A Speedtouch for every household

Aqcess – Qbe

An unrivalled portable PC for Aqcess


The development of the new standard in bicycle setas

Ahrend – T.line

In a Pressure Cooker we created a revoltionary 'platform' for the T-line