Our contribution to the future

Ascom Telligence 5.0

A new Industrial Design for Ascom's nurse call system

Salto – XS Mini electronische toegangscontrole

Tomorrow's access control design for Salto

Bouwinnovatie, industrialisatie, circulariteit

Industrial Building with new materials for a better price performance ratio and circularity

Zehnder – ComfoAir Q

Strategic Design for Zehnder

Mars Athletic Concepts – 480 Trainer

Combining high end design with an innovative technology

Elekta – Esteya

Design and development of an elegant approach for skincancer treatment for Esteya

Huis van Beleg – Tourmalijn

Experiencing pure organic food

Animo – Optibean en Optivend

Taste experience for Animo

Heras – I Gate

Een poort die 'welkom' communiceert voor Heras

IXL – Nutripulse

Changing our daily lives with e-cooking

RAVO – 5-series redesign

A dynamic design for Ravo

Arcelik – Beko

An international appeal for BEKO